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NATURE 4U's LiquaVie Anti-Aging Serum is endorsed and used by medical professionals.
Dr. Robert L. Youngblood (board certified plastic surgeon and anti-aging specialist) endorses our serum as;
"A breakthrough in combining some of nature's most potent anti-aging compounds in a synergistic serum that will melt away the years."
The highest-grade ingredients in precisely the correct proportions say it all.

SERUM INGREDIENTS: (in alphabetical order)
Albumin often referred to as serum albumin, is a potent plant plasma protein. Albumin is essential for maintaining the osmotic pressure needed for proper distribution of body fluids between intravascular compartments and body tissues. It also acts as a plasma carrier by non-specifically binding several hydrophobic hormones and as a transport protein for essential fatty acids to the dermal layers.

Algae Extract (Chlorella Vulgaris) protects and revives skins strengthening proteins to produce deep epidermal line smoothing over time.

Algin (Seaweed Extract) is used as a nutrient-rich suspension gel.

Dextran Sulfate is an ionic gelation complex providing a pure aqueous environment ideal for maintaining the in-process stability of proteins and peptides and achieves complex coacervation for the incorporation and controlled release of the antiangiogenesis hexapeptide in the serum.

Lecithin is needed by every cell in the body and is a key building block of cell membranes; without it, they would harden. Lecithin protects cells from oxidation and largely comprises the protective sheaths surrounding the skin tissue cells. It is composed mostly of B vitamins, phosphoric acid, choline, linoleic acid and inositol. It is also a fat emulsifier, hence, it supports the skins circulatory system.

Hoarsetail (Equisetum arvense) is an herbal remedy dating back to at least ancient Roman and Greek medicine. It was used traditionally to stop bleeding and heal wounds. Today, horsetail continues to have medicinal value. The plant's stems are rich in silica and silicic acids, which help mend and form collagen, one of the key connective elements of the skin.

Hops are the female flower cones of the hop plant. Hops exhibit an antibiotic effect that discourages common inflammatory skin responses such as acne.

Hyaluronic Acid is a non-sulfated glycosamineoglycan distributed widely throughout the skins connective, epithelial and neural tissues. It is one of the chief components of the skins extracellular matrix and contributes significantly to cell proliferation.

Lemon Extract clarifies, refreshes, calms, detoxifies and soothes skin. It has many antiseptic and restorative properties. Known for its toning, cleansing and detoxifying properties, it reduces sebum production, tautens the skin and is beneficial for oily and aging skin. Helps reduce skin discoloration and under-eye dark circles. Effective against enlarged pores while stimulating and accelerating skin cell renewal. Lowers the pH of the serum to protect the acid mantle of the skin.

Methylparaben is an antifungal compound acting as a bacteriostatic agent and preservative.

Marine Minerals & Trace Elements derived from purified pristine sea water. This life-enhancing solution is surging with ionically charged minerals and trace elements that energize the serum enabling it to revitalize the skin.

Octyl Methoxycinnamate is an organic compound that absorbs UV-B rays from the sun, protecting the skin from damage. It also exhibits the ability to reduce the appearance of scars.

Oyster Shell Extract has naturally elevated levels of organic zinc to boost immunity while it helps maintain collagen and keratin production for healthy skin.

Pine Extract from the Pinus Cembra species of pine is one of natures most potent proanthocyanidin anti-oxidants also known as a free radical scavanger. This powerful bioflavenol neutralizes unstable free-radical molecules that damage and age skin cells.

Polysorbate 20 is a surfactant whose stability and non-toxicity allows it to be used as a wetting agent allowing the serum to spread evenly and uniformly when applied to the skin.

Rosewater Concentrate is obtained by steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses, a process first developed in Persia. Obtained from one of the purest sources available, it replenishes the natural lipid barrier of the skin thus contributing to softer, smoother skin.

Rosemary was first prepared in a liquid form to be used externally by the Queen of Hungary to "renovate vitality." Don Quixote (Chapter XVII, 1st volume) mixes it in his recipe to create the miraculous balm of Fierabras. Results of modern study reveal that carnosic acid, found in rosemary, shield the body from free radicals.

Sorbitol is a humectant. Humectants are naturally occurring components of human skin and an essential element of the "natural moisturizing factors" (NMF) that maintain a healthy epidermis. They are very hygroscopic, attracting moisture from the air thus helping hydrate the skin. They are non-comedogenic (will not block or clog pores), nonirritating to the eyes and skin, and do not contribute to phototoxicity (a process that kills skin cells) or sensitization (hypersensitivity). They are rapidly biodegradable and water soluble.

Every component of Nature 4U's energizing serum is of the highest quality and serves a functional purpose right down to the dark amber glass bottle which protects and preserves the ingredients.

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